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No Per Member Costs
No Onboarding Fees


Prices start at just $65.00 per month.  As part of our Concierge Service, we offer onsite training and onboarding at no cost to you.  Select one our four amazing packages or CONTACT US and our experts will create a custom system just for you.



per month


Features you need to easily run your business. Automated memberships and payments. Manage members, classes, retail, and staff.



per month


In addition to Ignite, Fuel includes all of our martial arts specialty features to make kids classes easy, track belts and promotions, electronic sparring cards, host seminars, and so much more.



per month


Make client retention and prospect conversion easier with Gym Rocket’s automated tools. Get results with our website plugins and robust Communications Suite. A premium system that also includes all the features of Ignite and Fuel.



per month


Customized texting and email workflows. Complete Private Training Module with personalized email reminders. Marketing and challenge integrations to grow your business.


Gym Rocket has partnered with Glacier Payments to bring you competitive payment processing rates. Transparent fees and a side-by-side comparison of your current processing rates will prove it. If your current processor is promising a lower rate and charging you additional annual fees, PCI compliance fees, or other fees, you are paying too much. We have the best pricing available for convenient integrated payment processing. Send us two of your most recent merchant account statements. We’ll put together an analysis for you so you can see for yourself.

New startups or smaller gyms and studios with an average monthly processing volume of less than $10,000 per month pay a minimum amount of $26.00 per month until their monthly volume exceeds $10,000 for three consecutive statement cycles.


Protecting our clients and their clientele is important. We have simplified PCI compliance and will walk you through initial certification. We do not charge annual PCI compliance fees. For those businesses who become noncompliant after their initial certification, they will be charged a reasonable fee of $20.00 per month until they are recertified as compliant. Our team works with all of our clients to assist them through this process.